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La Licorne

City : Fontevraud-l'Abbaye
Slogan : 

The Table is an art

La Licorne welcomes you in an 18th century bourgeois mansion, next to the prestigious Fontevraud abbey in the heart of the...

Vignobles 1

Domaine Pierre Sourdais

City : Cravant-les-Coteaux
Slogan : 

From passion to humility

The 27 ha of vines, exclusively from Cabernet Franc, with some plants over 60 years old, organically farmed, are the treasure...

Tourisme 1

Domaine de Candé

City : Monts
Slogan : 

An ingenious estate

The dawn of the 19th century saw a new elite arrive in the Loire valley, with bankers and industrialists taking over the...

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Chocolats du Bellay

City : Les Trois Moutiers
Slogan : 

Artisan chocolate maker !

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Come and discover an artisan chocolate maker and his passion for chocolate and the authentic tradition of taste.  You will...

Loisirs 1

Bateau Amarante

City : Candes St Martin
Slogan : 

Cruises between Touraine and Anjou

On board the Amarante or the Belle Adèle, Robin and Sylvain Delaporte have you navigate on the Loire and the Vienne, at the...

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La Reine de Sicile

City : Saumur
Slogan : 

An inn at the heart of Offard Island

At the foot of the Reine de Sicile castle, between the Cadets and Cessart bridges, this typical and renowned inn welcomes you...

Vignobles 2

Domaine de la Grézille

City : Ambillou-Chateau
Slogan : 

Artisan wines and vine trails

A wide variety of Anjou wines, vintages aged in old barrels and late harvests: Bruno Paillocher favours 100% natural organic...

Tourisme 2

Musée de la cavalerie

City : Saumur
Slogan : 

The epic of French cavalry

In the stables of the historic indoor arena of French military equitation, you will discover a vividly animated tour retracing...

Patrimoine 2


City : Saumur
Slogan : 

Liquors / Absinthes / Syrups

Founder of Triple Sec orange-flavoured liquor in the 19th century, the distillery also makes other traditional recipes using...

Loisirs 2

Balades à Loudun

City : Loudun
Sainte-Croix collegiate church Romanesque church with magnificent medieval paintings and a timber frame from the 1989 Universal...

Tourisme 3

Cave vivante du champignon

City : Le Puy Notre Dame
Slogan : 

A lively mushroom troglodyte cave!

In Le Puy Notre Dame, a guided tour will take you through a labyrinth of underground troglodyte galleries making up the last...

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City : Saumur
Slogan : 

A colourful Mexican cuisine

L'Cancuna doesn't lack in spices! In an unusual ambience, you will enjoy a colourful Mexican cuisine made of tortillas, beans,...

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